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Here at RS Service Centre we offer two service options:

Option 1: Minor Service
  • Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

  • Oil filter

  • Air Filter 

  • 52 point inspection 

  • Reset service reminder

  • Wash & Vacuum

  • Stamp service book

Option 2 : Major Service
  • Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

  • Oil Filter

  • Air Filter

  • Fuel Filter/ Diesel Filter 

  • Platinum Spark plugs

  • Full Vehicle Check Over

  • Reset Service Light

  • 52 point inspection 

  • Wash & Vacuum

  • Stamp service book

Brake Checks & Suspension

Brakes are normal wear and tear items on a car and not usually covered as part of the car service. When your car comes in for servicing, we do a check over on the car, including checking brakes and suspension and oil leaks etc, and quote separately for any additional work that might be needed on the car.

If you need brakes replaced,contact us and we’ll send you a quote.

Timing Belts and Cam Belts

The timing belt schedule varies from one manufacturer to another, and can range from 80 000 kms to 150 000 kms. Keep in mind also that when replacing a timing belt, you should also replace the water pump, tensioner, and pulleys.  If the pulleys and tensioners should fail, it can cause valve or piston damage and lead to more expensive repairs. Prices for timing belt replacements vary depending on the car and whether aftermarket timing belt kits are available.Simply contact us and we’ll send you a quote.

Brands Serviced

Quality Parts Used

Other Services offered
  • Engine overhauls

  • Suspension repairs

  • Electrical repairs

  • Cooling system repairs

  • Cutch kit replacement

  • CV-joint / driveshaft / propshaft repairs

  • Shock absorber repairs

  • Wheel bearing replacement

Telephone No.
011 885 1654
071 622 6240
Telephone No.
010 224 0172
072 842 0606
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